Exhibition about Elemental intervention. – We decided that this was work that we had all completed and all had work for. We initially decided to put it on the walls, but last minute changed it to the table. This was for many reasons. The first reason was that walls are normal and boring, exhibitions are always on walls. This was why the table came in, it also meant that instead of just standing and looking at it, they have to interact with the work. walk around it and bend down to see it. Finally we decided to keep the table as wood instead of putting a white sheet on it because the wood looked more elemental.

Overall this small exhibition went well. All of the people that took part collaborated well together to create a piece that was visually aesthetic and interactive, as well as interesting. As you can see only 8 people contributed towards this work, this was unfortunate as there were 15 in total for our group. Although this was handy as it meant there wasn’t too many people interfering with lots of different opinions. I think the reason this worked so well is because there wasn’t that many people working together.


2nd exhibition


This exhibition was less about the concept and more about the medium we printed onto. We decided that we wanted to do something original and creative. We decided that we wanted the viewer to again interact with the work, to be able to see the exhibition from all angles. We wanted to fill a normally mundane space with imagery that you could see from wherever you were in the room.

Overall i am happy with the outcome of this exhibition, we all collaborated well and worked together equally. Again the whole group was not there so we were missing about half of the work that should have been up. Although this worked again in our favour as the images work well together. It is not too crowded although there is still an adequate amount of work shown to make it interesting. Initially we did not agree on a concept for our exhibition. Others wanted to put up what work we had for the Essencene project, although as a new project not everyone had work to show yet. This created tension between the group, even though we over came it and ended up with a well designed exhibition.


Overall i think designing and creating these small exhibitions has given me experience for future exhibitions. I have learnt how to collaborate and work together, compromising to encounter everyones ideas and feelings. I have learnt that your way is not always best and other people have good ideas too. I enjoyed creating these exhibitions, as well as working together with people that i don’t normally interact with. This was a new experience which i am glad i did as i believe is has made me better for the future.


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