Nigal Shafran

a visiting lecturer in Plymouth University

  • strobe lighting
  • plate cameras
  • too dark and dark contrast can still be effective
  • work doesn’t need meaning

‘ruth book’

‘dads office’

‘edited photographs’

‘flowers for’

‘dark rooms’

  • polaroid – date and what is happening ( a way of recording process)
  • use photographs like a diary
  • all started on a whim
  • didn’t matter how good photos were – just i they fitted with concept – meaning behind them..
  • always write down camera used – with lens – to record process – to remember how that image was create
  • use objects in pictures that help date the book.
  • ideas for covers – doesn’t matter where you get inspiration from – film covers
  • don’t have to have smart titles – can literally be describing
  • badly shot pictures can have meaning
  • always good to include quotes – walker Evans, Agnes Martin
  • everything around you effects you

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