PCA Gallery

The gallery at PCA

Program in seasons 3 seasons – usually 2 artists per season
To reflect the full ecology of the art world
To reflect what gets delivered within the college- connect with the programs.
White cube gallery space – neutral
Works with lots of different partnerships – Uni, museum, cast
Tab for gallery on pca website – can see archive
Teaching and learning resource- supporting artists, to reach a wider audience
Solo exhibitions, group shows, touring shows, partnerships
Online presence – no research budget
Websites are crucial

Who is the show for?
how long is the show for?
how long do you have before the show?
actual space – limitations – can/ can’t do

need a plan for the space – in advance – always changes – helps you make decisions
fixed work – where things have to go – can’t move because of impossibities –
contract/ artist agreement/ insurance
condition checking – before and after – marks on work – from artists and then when you get the work – about reliability.
invidulators – look at work all the time – look after it
if no invidulator – can use other security measures –
a-n – (artist newsletter) public liability insurance
funding – the college invests in the gallery –
arts council – grants for the arts
how does it benefit the public

captive audiences – where people are already standing and waiting – bus stops/ trains/ toilets/ laundrette
Dan Holdsworth
Tracy Hannah
Catherine Yas


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