Artists in residence


  • time and space away rom your usual environment and obligations.
  • time and reflection, research, presentations and/ or production
  • allows individual to explore his/ her practice within another community
  • meeting new people, using new materials experiencing life in a new location

Historical perspective

  • early 20th century
  • art loving philanthropist
  • US and Europe (Germany)
  • 1960s – new models emerged : seclusion or involvement (sense of community, social engagement)
  • 1990s – globalisation – much more world wide – easier to travel.


  • linked to organisations, museums, galleries, universities
  • some solely exist for offering residency places
  • national/ international
  • length vary greatly – minimum 2 weeks – can be as long as 2 years
  • different disciplines

Eligibility  –

  • Age – varies greatly – no younger than 18
  • country of origin – some are vary specific – ( only want people from a specific country) others its not so important


  • some residencies are invitation only
  • A plan outlining your work during the residency : concept, context, methods, outcomes
  • usual requirements: proposal, CV, resume, artist statement, portfolio, letter of recommendation.

Funding/ Finances

  • self-funded
  • part-funded
  • fully-funded
  • stipend
  • crowd-funding


A residency should be a beginning, not an end.









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