Timeline of me

Zoe Rebecca Katherine Friedrich

19 years old – born 17th April 1996

I realised my interest for photography during my Art A-level. This was where is leaned towards photography in almost every project that I did. It wasn’t until my art foundation that i realised my real passion for photography.

I have never done a course in photography until this degree, so everything i knew about photography was self-taught before hand.

The most influential person that has got me to where i am now is my mum. me and mum.jpg10407408_10205607366319920_440635810521658156_n.jpgShe was the one that told me to stick at my A-levels and not to quit and then showing me my possibilities of the art foundation after my A-levels. She has always told me not to quit and to carry on when I’m feeling like i can’t do it anymore, and i never have when it comes to my education. I see other people and they give up so easily and instead of thinking thats the easy option its not. In the long run that will be harder than sticking at it for a little while longer. Unfortunately she i also the one that got me into the habit of leaving things until the last minute. I am trying to work on this.

There are two things that have shaped my personality and made me start to look at the world in a more positive light. To stop thinking about the petty problems that really don’t matter one is my step dad 7 years ago had a multiple brain haemorrhage. Since then i have been caring for him, and when i turned 18 about two years ago i became his part-time carer. This has made me stop taking things for granted and made me more caring. The second thing which has happened more recently is caring for the homeless around torbay. I feel like i have become more gentle and open minded from this. It has stopped me from being so conscious of others and what people think of me. It has made me even more positive and even more against confrontation. Although when i was younger i was positive and upbeat and outgoing because that is how my family is, but because of school and other outside influences these things started to change. I was shy and self-contious and was getting quite aggressive too but i am glad these things have changed me back as well as better than i was before.

I would say because my dad is very much into art, even though he has not influenced me that much, by opening me up to different artists and taken me to art galleries he has definitely opened possibilities and ideas to me. Even though it has been mainly paintings that he has got me into, it definitely sparked my art side. You could say though by introducing me into Rothko’s work he has influenced me because Rothko has been a major influence into my work. Inspiring me to add emotion and soul. To take pictures of my emotions and to get them to connect closer with me. black-on-maroon.jpg

All of these things have influenced me, from who i am and what i do and to the decisions i make.




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