visual exhibition/ magazine article task

Presentation1 – click here

when organising our group we initially decided what we wanted to include in our exhibition. We began by deciding that each person within the group will do an artist based on our theme which was ‘Documentary : practise of recording’. So each person found a documentary photographer, from this we decided to base our exhibition on different types of documentary photography.
Our exhibition entitled “Documents of documentary” is as the title infers a series of documentary photographers. It’s showcasing diversity with different styles and photographs within one specific area. We used cubes to display work because they are all the same which signifies the unity of documentary, but they are segregated to show the difference between them.

Assigning roles and responsibilities was easy as each person in our group seemed to have a different quality which they were stronger at than others.
– Faye wrote the blurb during the lesson with input from other people from the group. I then tidied it up and added punctuation.
-Remy made a 3D virtual version of our exhibition, from the ideas we had all agreed on during lesson.
– Niamh then made a model of the exhibition.
– I put everything together in a presentation.
– After this was all done, and everyone had contributed to the exhibition we decided that the people that had not done anything more than their artist, we decided they would be the people that would speak during the presentation. Which included David and Dana although everyone did speak during the presentation.
over all I think we worked really well as a group, everyone contributed and everyone got on and there was no arguments or disagreements. We all communicated over Facebook apart from David who was emailed by a group member to keep him up to date.

I think our virtual exhibition worked well. I like the way that there is a large variety of documentary photographers, this is because like the exhibition is called ‘documents of documentary’ we are documenting different types of documentary photography. I also like the fact that the exhibition can be moved because it means it can be moved to different destinations – the destinations within the exhibition. Another thing i like about this exhibition is the cubes. This is because they are hanging meaning you have to interact with them, but also the fact that each cube is personal to the artist/ photographer and lastly because they include not only the images from the photographer but also information and a quote from them.

What i don’t think worked so well about the exhibition is that the variation in documentary photographers was too large. If we had kept them to well known documentary photographers or just new. Or we could have kept it at just contemporary or just old, then they would have merged better together. Personally I think we should have just used documentary photographers that were well known. Not worrying whether they were contemporary or not as long as they were known within their field in some way.

I enjoyed this task as it went smoothly and everyone got involved. No one in the group slacked or didn’t get included. I liked the way that it is a virtual exhibition so it could be unrealistic, because you are not actually creating it you don’t have to worry about cost or if it was possible. This meant you could use your imagination and come up with something that could never happen.




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