Reading to chapter 6, page 15.

Initially I found this very hard to read, and had to read each page about twice before i even found 1 word that i could out from it.

I then found that highlighting as i was reading meant i had to focus on it a lot harder and read more carefully, this helped when i was trying to read as well as understand this piece of text. This also meant that i could come back to this piece of text and understand it better and pick out the useful parts easily.

From the lesson other useful ideas I have picked out to make reading a difficult piece of text easier…

  • use a thesaurus to understand the hard words – or you could replace the hard word with a word that has the same meaning but you understand better.
  • look up explanations/ overviews of the text on youtube – these people usually pick out the best and most important parts, this might make the text seem more interesting to you.
  • keep your finger where you are reading, this keeps your attention to the part you are on.
  • read slowly, this way you can take in every word.
  • re-read paragraphs after you have read them, and before you start the next one.

after knowing these facts it is definitely easier reading difficult texts, and i will carry on reading the text as i found it interesting after understanding it.





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