pinhole camera

For this technology i am using a can to create a pin hole camera. It is created by using a can which i used a can opener to take off the top which i then replaced with a cap using black card and electrical tape, this is so i can re-use the can to take lots of images using the camera. it means that it is more accessible to put the paper inside but also means it has been blacked out so the paper can not be affected by the light apart from when exposing it.

I created 4 pinhole cameras, which meant i could try a range of different exposing times. from looking on the internet i found a diagram on how long you should expose to how bright it is outside.


after looking at this and the day i was trying to use the pinhole camera i decided on 4 exposure times.

30 seconds/ 40 seconds/ 50 seconds/ 60 seconds. This is because its was sunny with a few clouds. i thought a bigger variety would higher my chances of coming back with a picture as this was the first time i had made or used a pinhole camera.

The outcome of this experiment was every picture was over exposed. The whole paper came out black, so this experiment failed. i then went back to looking up exposure times to see what went wrong and why even though i had times the exposure times to make sure they were right as well as keeping them incredibly still.

from looking at different videos and internet articles i found that i could also expose for about 2-6 seconds. When i try it again i will make a lot more pinhole cameras and do a larger variety of exposure times.


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