interviewing a photographic practitioner

Interviewing local wildlife photographer Marc Millman

 What camera do you use/ what lens do you use?                                                                    Nikon D3200 with a Tamron 70-300mm lens

What other technologies do you use while out on a shoot?                                                          I don’t use special lighting because I am shooting nature I like to use natural light.

I do though use a tri-pod as I am shooting with a long lens, and to get action shots of the animals I use a fast shutter speed. This can cause camera shake and images that are not sharp.

For editing I use a free editing software called fotoflexer as well as Photoshop.

 What is your favourite type of photography?                                                              Documentary photography, mainly focusing of Wildlife and nature.

Who or what is your inspiration?                                                                                                       My nature inspiration is nature itself and in particular an Avocet bird. It is one of most favourite things to take a picture of.

What is your favourite time of day to go out on a shoot?                                                                I wouldn’t say I have a favourite time of day to shoot, as nature is always there. You can go out any time of day and be able to capture some sort of wild life. Although the easiest time of day would be about mid day, where there is the most light.  And the best photographs are taken on a sunny day where the light is at its best and very minimal editing is needed.

Do you have a favourite photographer?                                                                                           My favourite photographer would be another local photographer called John Mcfall. Although I do also like work by Arthur Morris and Mark Sisson.

 Do you have any photography projects that you are doing at the moment? If so what is it about?                                                                                                                                                   Yes, my latest project is on kingfishers and barn owls.

Who or what started you in photography? How did you first come into photography?       I am a self-taught photographer. I started about 5 years ago. When I used to go out on walks and see all of this beautiful wildlife, when I came back and told people about what I saw they would not believe me. This is when I thought I would get myself a camera so I had evidence. From that point i got increasingly more interested in photography and now it is a major aspect in my life.

How long have you been a photographer?                                                                                About 5 years now. I started with a bridge camera then moved to a DSLR once I felt like I had more knowledge and experience with photography.


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