Meaning – Digital single-lens reflex camera

DSLR’s mainly replaced film SLR’s in the 2000’s – and despite the growing popularity of mirrorless cameras the DSLR still remained the most popular of the interchangeable lens cameras.

focusing a DSLR can be manual or digital, typically by changing between the switch located on the camera – on the D7000 it is on the left hand of the lens. When on automatic you press the shutter release half way which then focuses the camera. When on manual you use the lens to focus and then press the shutter release.

DSLR’s have an in camera light meter to tell you if you have to change the aperture, inside the view finder. Inside it also tells you the shutter speed, the aperture and the ISO. All can be done automatically when the camera is on automatic on the mode dial. it can also be done on manual as then you have more control of the image being taken. If you want a darker image or a lighter image this can be done manually.

Mode dial                                                                                                                                     Mode_Dials_Nikon_D60

When shooting, shoot in RAW. RAW is where all of the image data is recorded meaning you can produce higher quality images, unlike in JPEG where the image is compressed and lost. When in JPEG the camera does it own processing of the image so it can be compressed, losing all image data.




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