My context in the elements of objects. Not necessarily small objects and not necessarily small elements of the object. It could be a wall or a train or a car as the object and the element could be the bonnet or whole section of a wall it doesn’t just have to be a little section of stones or bricks within the wall.

Element within my project mean a part of an object or thing. “a component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts into which a whole may be resolved by analysis: Bricks and mortar are elements of every masonry wall.”

It can be the majority of an object – as long as it is not the whole object it is an element of the object. I have decided to specify what type of elements and objects i would like to picture because it is not the objects that are my concept but the the actual element itself.

I may specify after the formative assessment and for this my ideas are more the elements in nature and natural objects – plants, trees, stones, wood, the different natural elements within them, the patterns and textures within them. How those elements are what makes the main object so beautiful. What most people focus on when they look at a tree or a flower, that the tree or plant would look different without that element how they would look strange without the patterns and textures – it would affect the aesthetics and even make it look unreal.

It is the tiny details in things that interest me, the things that most people ignore or take for granted. For example the bolts on train table, the shoe lace holes on a shoe, the curve or the ridges in a coat hanger, all of these things people don’t even think about but most people use them without even realising that they are there. When people look at plants they usually focus on the flowers or the leaves but usually forget about roots or the stems and these are the most important part of the plant as it would not be a live without the roots or the stems, yet they could live without the flower or the leaves and these tare the things that people notice most.

While writing this post my thoughts are expanding and i am coming up with more and more ideas with bigger and better possibilities for my project, and how more focused and detailed my concept could be. I am not going to focus on the elements of objects that are important to the structure of objects and how they are important to the final object, the parts which most people take for granted and don’t even notice but are extremely important. Looking at objects is closer detail to see the important elements within them, these elements are usually a lot more detailed and are a lot more satisfying to photograph and more interesting when looking at in a picture.

I have already started my experiments so i am going to keep them at that experiments and start again shooting film because now i have a clear idea of what i want to be taking pictures of and have even started thinking in more detail about where i want to start, i have named a few within this post so that is where i am going to start.

  • roots and stems of a plant.
  • hinge on train tables.
  • lace holes in shoes.
  • coat hangers – the hook and the ridges.
  • hinges on doors.
  • screws within a door handle.
  • cement within a wall.
  • the spine or wire on a book.

These are just things i have began with and a few pictures from my previous shoot connect with what my concept has now evolved into so if when i look at them properly they do work well within this concept I will use them as possibilities for the final outcome.


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