Second experiments

The next time I went out shooting film this was a lot easier than previously. This was because I had made lots of mistakes on the last experiments, from this I was able to change and learn from them. So far I have developed the film and it is drying but from what I have seen so far on the negatives looking at them in front of the light they already look better than last time.

I am just waiting to go back and make contact sheets as that is when you can really see if the film has been developed well and if the pictures have been exposed properly with the right shutter speed.

The problem with this time shooting film was the processing of the negatives. This was because I found it hard loading the film into the spindle and the tank was broken. This made me worried about whether the film would be eddected and not be properly developed. This is another reason to why I need to make a contact sheet and then go on to making prints. This then will show me whether the film is correct and if the pictures will come out correctly.

The actual shooting of the film however was a lot simpler and easier as I had practiced with the camera and looked up tutorials and other blogs which gave explanations as well my own previous experimentation and figuring out when I made mistakes. This made me better equipped to be taking pictures and made me calmer when taking pictures as i knew more about what I was doing.

For this second set of experiments I took pictures around my garden as well as around Plymouth town centre. This was another thing that got better after the first experiments, my confidence with taking pictures out in public. Instead of being shy and taking bad pctures because you do not want to be obvious and get stared at but because of this project I have gained confidence and have been able to take good pictures because the pictures matter more than what people think of me. This means that the overall quality of my pictures have improved.

There is still a while left for this project and I still have experiments left to do before the project is over. Over this time I hope that my knowledge and techniques are a lot better and film processes come more naturally.


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