For this brief we have to create 4 black and white film prints, in the first experiments i worked out that exposure is key. If the aperture is wrong then your prints could be ruined and nothing will come out they will either be too light or too dark appearing either white or black. For me i over exposed my film and most of my pictures apart from a few came out black, barely recognisable if at all. This is so unlike digital which i am used to using, i found this hard because in a digital print you can see the image straight away after being taken and decide whether or not to re-print it. You could even take lots of pictures to make sure you get the right shot which can be looked at closer on the computer afterwards. This is very different to film which i found frustrating.

I don’t like waiting to see whether something worked or not. I am one of those people who take lots time taking lots of pictures just to make sure it is right, where as with film its like shooting blind! Not being able to see the final image until the very end, and even when the final image appears you cannot edit it without scanning the image in and digitally editing it.

After this first exercise i came out with a lot more knowledge, knowing more about aperture especially. When i was doing my A-levels i knew nothing about film cameras, the camera guy gave me a film camera and put it on an aperture he thought should be suitable for what i needed it to be, then i hoped for the best when developing my prints. Since starting this project i feel a lot more comfortable putting film into the camera; taking it out; taking the pictures; developing the film ready for printing, i do however need to work on the next section of actually making the print. I have made contact sheets which i seem competent at, but have not developed a print in a while, which makes me nervous. This though i hope will be the same as shooting the film and like most other things, after a little experimentation and practice, developing film should start  to become easier and I hope the prints will start to become better.


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