How to develop film…

  • go into an absolutely pitch black room and put your unprocessed film into your developing tank, once closed shut you can take it out into normal light.
  • Add 150ml developer and 150ml water into the tank – this process takes 13 minutes – rotate for the first minute and then the first 10 seconds of every minute after that until the 13 minutes are up. Now you pour the liquid down the sink.
  • Next you add 300ml of stop and continuously rotate for 30 seconds, you can pour the stop back into the bottle.
  • After you can now add the 300ml of fix, this is similar to the developer except it is for 5 minutes, rotate the tank for the first minute and then the first 10 seconds of each minute after until the 5 minutes are up.
  • When this is all done the film is now safe to remove from the tank, the spindle should now be put into a bath of water which should be flowing continuously throughout for 20 minutes. This can be left for longer if wanted.
  • After this is done you can now take the film out of the spindle and either put in a heated dryer or be left out over night to dry – just make sure that the film is completely dry before making your initial contact sheets.

Equipement for making contact sheets…

  • Devere 504 enlarger
  • Neg carrier
  • 35mm apature
  • 50mm lens
  • contact printer
  • Dev tray and tongs

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