Medium format camera

Medium format cameras are film cameras that use a larger film format. it records images on film larger than 24mm by 36mm(full from) (used in 35mm photography) but small than 4 by 5 inches. From the film being larger the picture quality is a lot higher. Most medium format camera take ‘120mm’ film which is 60mm wide which is larger than the typical 35mm film being 36mm wide, ‘220mm’ film is also used in medium format cameras this is the same width as ‘120mm’ film but double the length.

A well known film camera which is one that i would like to try out for this project and research more into is the Hasselblad camera.


HASSELBLAD CAMERA – made by the Hasselblad corporation of Sweden, and use the German made Carl Zeiss lenses. The Hasselblad camera first came out in 1957, this was one of the first system cameras, this meant that almost everything within the camera was interchangeable. Cameras before the Hasselblad were delicate and prone to breaking but Victor Hasselblad wanted a camera which could be used in all conditions, they were strong and reliable as well as durable this is why if well maintained a Hasselblad camera can still work perfectly fine after 40 years.

Using a Hasselblad camera had 3 rings  (from front to back) – the first ring is focus – the second ring is aperture for controlling the diaphragm – the third ring is for shutter speed, from 1/500 to 1 second.


Before writing this post i had absolutely no idea what a medium format camera was, after wring this post i can’t wait to start using one and taking some pictures. I love using film and since researching it in more depth it looks more challenging than regular 35mm film but still fun and i can’t wait to start using it to see the differences and resemblances.


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